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White paper【Seven reasons for choosing a SYNESIS】#2

We will introduce the second of 7 cases that can be solved by choosing SYNESIS as “Seven reasons for choosing a SYNESIS”.


Seven reasons for choosing a SYNESIS

  1. Loss of packets at high-capacity interfaces (i.e. 100G) during capture sessions causing incomplete data for analysis.
  2. Unable to detect microburst traffic conditions and root cause due to the lack of granularity.
  3. Deploying a temporary capture solution is costly and logistically challenging.
  4. Current capture solution is limited in the number of line speed interfaces supported.
  5. When packets are forwarded from a network packet broker to the capture device, the latency can occur and timestamps may be incorrect.
  6. Repetitive manual tasks are time consuming.
  7. Network failures in the field are hard to replicate in the lab.

We will publish the second and subsequent cases in sequence.
A PDF file is also available, so if you need them, contact us from Contact.