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Packet Capture Solution
Network Monitoring Solution
SYNESIST echnology

SYNESIS Technology

SYNESIS offers full packet capture without any packet loss.

What is Packet Capture?

Packet Capture is a term for intercepting (capturing) data over a computer network for storage. Packet data can be visualized and analyzed for network assessment and troubleshooting.

What we need for Packet Capture solutions
  1. Capture continuously without packet loss
  2. Efficient retrieval and show the result properly on the screen

SYNESIS capture&analysis flow and features

SYNESIS supports the 100M/1G/10G/40G/100G network and captures wire-rate traffic data without packet loss.

  1. Once SYNESIS starts capturing, data is automatically saved in SYNESIS memory area(Packet Store)
    SYNESIS’ patented technology
    High-speed “Stream-To-Disc” technology ensures capturing no packet loss
  2. You can save the captured data as trace files with designated conditions ;schedule, IP addresses or protocols.
  3. You can analyze each trace file (PCAP format) with your analysis tools, also with SYNESIS own analysis

SYNESIS Automatic saving

With capturing , SYNESIS can automatically save PCAP files into local or external storage.

See GUI of this feature


SYNESIS Filtering /Slicing

The Filtering/Slicing feature enables capturing only necessary data and layers.

  • Filtering: Captures based on criteria
  • Slicing : Captures based on specified length (bytes) from the head of a packet.


Locking feature can lock any critical data for not being overwritten.
SYNESIS keeps the locked data even the storage is full. You can enable this function either before or after starting capturing.

  • Before capture: Locking can be activated by specifying time and SNMP traps.
  • During or after capture: Locking can be activated by specifying records.


SYNESIS saves packet data as one capture session(record). With one click, you can lock critical records, save them in trace files or delete analyzed records.

SYNESIS PacketReplayer

SYNESIS PacketReplayer

PacketReplayer enables you to replay the captured data in test environments for verification. You can replicate network failures in your test environments to analyze and identify the causes.


  • • Real-time decode
    You can decode packets in real-time during capture to monitor the network.

  • • Real-time statistics
    While capture is running, traffic statistics can be compiled every second and saved along with capture data. This allows you to know the utilization of each port at a glance.

  • Microburst detection
    Micro-bursting is a phenomenon that can cause a serious network trouble like network congestion and packet loss. SYNESIS can detect micro-bursting based on pre-defined thresholds at minimum intervals of 100μsec.

    See GUI of this feature

  • Alert
    SYSESIS issues an alert when traffic error.
    Alert items:DLC/NPM/APM
    Alert actions: E-mail/Syslog/SNMP trap

    See GUI of this feature

  • MFA(Multi Flow Analysis)
    MFA provides a visibility by displaying ladder diagram of connection view end to end to see how transactions propagate.

    See GUI of this feature