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What is SYNESIS?

SYNESIS is a packet capture appliance developed and manufactured by TOYO Corporation. SYNESIS captures all the traffic without any packet loss and enable to visualize the traffic.

If you have trouble in the network, SYNESIS support for prompt trouble shooting.

Can we see the demo?

Yes, possible.

Please contact your sales or send your request to

We use Wireshark. What is the differences between SYNESIS and Wireshark?

SYNESIS is a dedicated packet capture appliance which consists of hardware(parts) and software. Therefore, SYNESIS hardware is highly optimized to SYNESIS software to be a best system. While Wireshark is software only, you use it with your own PC or you need to find out the suitable hardware.

The data which SYNESIS captures is effectively/automatically saved in the storage without any packet loss, even at a high data rate. SYNESIS is suitable for full capturing of higher traffic(1 GbE or above), which cannot be realized by Wireshark.

Please let me know the basic workflow and the schedule until the actual deployment of SYNESIS.

A few months needed for delivery at a customer site after an order is placed with TOYO.

(It can be discussed by area and project status)

May I have a contact information for SYNESIS?

[General info]

E-mail :

SYNESIS sales group /Information, Communication and Computing Technologies Division

TEL : +81 (0)3 3245 1250



Where can I get the catalog (data)?

Please download here.

This is the first time to look for a dedicated packet capture appliance. We need a support to use SYNESIS effectively.

SYNESIS has a simple and user friendly interface.(Language: English, Chinese(中文/繁文)

and Japanese).  Besides you will find Quick Start Guide and the detailed User Guide with the product, so that you can start using SYNESIS immediately.  You can also ask us a demonstration or inquiry to for more detailed information.

What we need to order from TOYO for using SYNESIS?

You can chose  SYNESIS by application and portability,(SYNESIS Distributed or SYNESIS Portable.)


【SYNESIS Distributed】

  • SYNESIS ※Power cable for AC100V and AC200V are included.
  • SFP
  • Support fee(Support for Software /Hardware  and  Support for Hardware only are provided.
  • Operation training (Optional)

【SYNESIS Portable】

  • SYNESIS ※Power cable for AC100V is  included. Please provide suitable power code on your side.
  • SFP
  • Support fee(Support for Software /Hardware  and  Support for Hardware only are   provided.
  • Operation training (Optional)
  • Wheeled hard case(Optional)
May I ask the training before using SYNESIS?

We can also show how to use SYNESIS with demo, but we can provide you the operational


training through web with additional charge.

Please contact to

Can we add extra storage after the purchase?

Please contact to

Do I need to register as a new SYNESIS member on the website?

Yes.  We provide important notice such as version upgrade to SYNESIS members. Please give us your 2minites and register as SYNESIS members from below link.(Only available in Japanese)

New member registration / Login

For English communication ,please contact to


What kind of information do I need to provide when technical inquiries about SYNESIS?

Please provide the following information:


– Your name, company name and division name

– Your contact information

– Product name and model

– Version information of your product (ex.Version 3.0)

– Serial number of your product

– Additional information (pictures, screen capture, which LED is lit, etc.)

Is it possible to use one of my existing transceivers?

It may be possible to work with your existing transceiver.  However, we cannot guarantee the performance or safety of SYNESIS if the transceiver is not provided based on our guide.Therefore, we recommend using a transceiver provided by TOYO.

Which browsers are supported by SYNESIS Web UI?

Firefox 28 (or higher).


May I have release notes of SYNESIS?

Please downloaded from the following links:


SYNESIS v3.0 release note.pdf

SYNESIS v3.1 release note.pdf

SYNESIS v4.0 release note.pdf

SYNESIS v4.1 release note.pdf

How can I restart or shut down SYNESIS?

■From the GUI (Desktop) of Ubuntu

Please click the power mark at the top right corner, and click “Shut Down….”

Please click Restart or Shut down buttons on the displayed window:


■From CLI (command input)
Please enter the command below.  If a password is requested, please enter the password.
・Restart: sudo shutdown -r now
・Shut down: sudo shutdown -h now

May I have quick start guide for SYNESIS?

Please download from below links:


SYNESIS Distributed_Quick Start Guide.pdf

SYNESIS Portable_Quick Start Guide.pdf

May I have manuals on how to turn on/off the power of SYNESIS and on how to restart the services and OS?

Please contact to

Which types of trace files can be generated by SYNESIS?

pcap, pcap (nano seconds), or pcapng format.

How can I get a log file?

Please contact to

Where are trace files saved by default? Please show me how to change the save destination of trace files.

SYNESIS saves trace files in the following directory:



Please refer to the Chapter 2 or 3 of the manual for the procedure to change save the destination of trace files.

How can I upgrade SYNESIS?

You can upgrade SYNESIS according to the guide which is available in the website for SYNESIS members.


We ask customers (SYNESIS members) to upgrade SYNESIS by themselves according to the guide we provide in SYNESIS members website.  Please register your company as a new SYNESIS member after your SYNESIS arrives at your site. Detail process are to be referred to “Product User Registration Procedure,” which is enclosed with the product.

New member registration / Login  or contact to


How can I change the IP address on the management port?

Please change the IP address, based on the Quick Start Guide.

Please refer to the documents below for details.


SYNESIS_Distributed_Quick Start Guide

The number of packets from the packet generator does not match the number on the counter of SYNESIS

The statistical information such as the number of packets start counting after 2 seconds later from the start of capture.  Please start the packet generator after starting capture.

Does SYNESIS support redundancy ? /SYNESIS has two power modules. Is it possible to start SYNESIS with only one power module connected to the electric outlet (in the case of distributed model)?

All the model of distributed type has 2 power supply modules supporting redundancy.

The second power module is provided for redundancy.It is possible to operate SYNESIS with only one power module connected to the electric outlet.


However, when the power unit fails or the power cable is unplugged , SYNESIS turns off immediately, which may lead to hardware failures or loss of data.  Therefore, we recommend supplying power to the two power modules constantly.  This is also preferable in terms of from the viewpoint of optimization of power efficiency.”

How does SYNESIS calculate the line utilization rate?

SYNESIS calculates the line utilization rate based on the number of received bytes and the number of received packets which are acquired from the capture card.


Every second, SYNESIS acquires from the capture card the number of received bytes and the number of received packets.  Then, SYNESIS performs the calculation below.  IFGs and preambles are included in the calculation.
{(Number of received bytes + 20 * number of received packets) * 8 / line speed (bps)} * 100

Is it possible to update the OS security patches and kernel by myself?

You can apply for yourself the security patches and kernel that are provided by TOYO.  If you apply any other security patch or kernel, we decline to offer any guarantee of correct operation afterwards.  In principle, we ask customers to perform update work for themselves.  We will provide manuals for the purpose.