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Packet Capture Solution
Network Monitoring Solution

Total support for Network Traffic Recording, Visualization, and Analysis
Providing wide range of solutions from Troubleshooting to Forensics

Packet Capture SYNESIS

Packet Capture

SYNESIS equips a unique patented technology that captures high-speed, large-volume of traffic from 1GbE to 100GbE without loss. In addition, the captured data in the field can be replayed in the lab environment to identify the problems.

Network Traffic Analysis NetEyez

Network Traffic Analysis

Equipped with traffic visualization, monitoring, analysis, and reporting functions necessary for network management. NetEyez monitors communication performance and identifies issues with cloud applications such as M365.

Network Security Threat Analysis NetEyez Security

Network Security Threat Analysis
NetEyez Security

Unified solution of NetEyez' traffic analysis and threat intelligence.
When security threats such as suspicious external communications or malware are detected, alerts are displayed in real time on the dashboard.