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Packet Capture Solution
Network Monitoring Solution


Loss of packets at high-capacity interfaces (i.e. 100G) during capture sessions causing incomplete data for analysis


●Background of the Task

100G Ethernet is now a popular line used in the backbone of datacenters. It is where user traffic and application protocols from various connected lines are aggregated. Troubleshooting communication failures on this high-speed backbone line requires reliable capture of the packets that caused the problem. Also, if a packet is identified as missing, it is crucial to ensure that it is not absent on the packet capture device itself, ensuring an accurate identification of the problem.

●SYNESIS Solution

SYNESIS 200G offers high-performance NIC and patented disc-based distributed write capabilities to capture bi-directional traffic on 100G full-duplex lines without loss on two ports.

For capturing long packets, short packets, and random packet lengths, only models that successfully perform and pass a 48-hour continuous capture test are utilized.
White paper【Seven reasons for choosing a SYNESIS】#1|Network Monitoring Solution|TOYO Corporation【Offical Site】

●User Benefit

When dealing with an unreliable packet capture device, determining whether a specific packet was present on the network or if it was dropped by the capture device can be challenging. To aid in troubleshooting, you can establish confidence in the initial packet data captured by eliminating the potential for packet loss originating from the capture device itself.
In addition, SYNESIS’ specialized acquisition card is able to record VLAN headers, error frames, jumbo frames, etc. that cannot be acquired by off-the-shelf Network Interface Card (NIC).