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Unable to Detect Microburst Traffic Conditions and Root Cause due to the Lack of Granularity


● Background of the Task

Microburst traffic causes congestion of routers/switches, which are network relay devices, due to a large amount of instantaneous traffic. Congestion causes packet loss, leading to retransmissions and response delays and ultimately negative user experiences. Because of instantaneous events that occur in a very short period of time, it is difficult to detect and identify the cause of the occurrence when packets are collected without sufficient time granularity.

● SYNESIS Solution

SYNESIS is capable of detecting microbursts on the network because of the high granularity of 100μsec used in calculations. By setting a threshold in advance, real-time detection can be performed during capture. SNMP Trap, Syslog, e-mail can notify you when a microburst occurs. SYNESIS can have further analysis by changing a threshold after capturing.
The line speed used for utilization may be set to a value that match the actual traffic rate in the feed. This is for cases when the physical capture interface line speed may be different from the source traffic rate.
You can also change the thresholds after discovery to ensure accurate detection. This prevents over-detection and detection leaks.

Microburst Detection feature of SYNESIS calculates usage rates at a specified time resolution.
Resolution can be selectable, either “1000μsec” or “100µsec.”

Microburst Detection|Network Monitoring Solution|TOYO Corporation【Offical Site】When the usage rate exceeds the specified consecutive occurrence counts, it counts as “One Microburst.”

Microburst Function Specifications|Network Monitoring Solution|TOYO Corporation【Offical Site】
Microburst Function Specifications and Screens


● User Benefit

Detecting bursts is a crucial element for enhancing network quality, and SYNESIS simplifies the process of identifying those events.
SYNESIS supports alerts in realtime or post-analysis of microburst occurrences allowing you to stay informed without the need to constantly monitor your network. Furthermore, identifying the source of the microburst is made simple by analyzing the packets at the time of its occurrence.