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TOYO Corporation Obtained Patent for Data Recording Apparatus and Method

“Data recording apparatus and method” patent covers 200Gbps network data capture without data loss to improve network analysis and forensics


TOYO Corporation (TOKYO:8151), the leading test and measurement company, today announced that it was issued an intellectual patent for the data recording technology used in their SYNESIS network recorder. Titled “Data recording apparatus and method,” the patent invention number is JP 6944617. The technology described in the patent pertains to SYNESIS, the world’s first packet capture system released in 2019 that captures 200Gbps traffic.



The industrial digitization requires a network which provides wider bandwidth, secured communication, low latency and the ability to manage many devices across multiple locations. Such a network is expected to become more complex and larger at higher speeds. Consequently, the demand for dedicated packet capture systems is increasing at a faster pace. Packet capture systems help to minimize network downtimes which in turn maximize business opportunities.


With the patented technology, TOYO’s SYNESIS can keep up with the fastest of networks without packet loss. This technology is to optimize the process of data writing into storage by dividing the capturing and writing process into two or more. Each process is controlled to write the data in the storage independently. This technology enables SYNESIS to perform long term capture even at 200Gbps full line rate without incurring any packet loss. SYNESIS helps operation teams improve their network visibility which promote quick remediation of network issues.


SYNESIS’s Key Advantages

SYNESIS is a high-performance capture and analysis system for 1G/10G/25G/40G/100G Ethernet interfaces with sustained rates of up to 200Gbps.


  • Capture without loss: Capture and stream high volume traffic to storage without any packet loss
  • Portable and Distributed models: For 1G/10G/25G/40G/100G