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TOYO Corporation Announces New 100G Packet Capture and Analysis System “SYNESIS” with 50% Size Reduction

Tokyo, Japan, Jan 11, 2022 -TOYO Corporation, the leading test and measurement company,

today announced the release of its new SYNESIS 100G Portable, which is 50% smaller in size

(volume) than the previous model (the new size: 25.4 x 38.1 x 17.8cm, weight: 9.5 kg).

The new 100G Portable unit improves the portability, helps the efficient trouble shooting,

and eliminates the need to install several packet capture appliances on multiple points

in the network for 5G and beyond.


With the spread of 5G in commercial services, networks become more complex and the number of points for failure analysis increases.

Telecommunication companies always need to be equipped with packet capture devices that can handle high-speed networks to respond quickly to network failures, as they are required to continuously provide faster and higher quality networks.


TOYO’s SYNESIS can perform long-term capture even at 200Gbps full line rate without incurring any packet loss. No other packet capture system in the marketplace can achieve this level of performance with portable platform.The new SYNESIS Portable which reduces its size (volume) by 50% helps to improve efficient trouble shooting and removes the need to install several packet capture appliances in the network.


SYNESIS Key Advantages

SYNESIS is a high-performance capture and analysis system for 1G/10G/25G/40G/100G Ethernet

interfaces with sustained rates of up to 200Gbps.


  • Capture without loss: Capture and directly stream high volume traffic to storage without any packet loss
  • High speed extraction: Reduce the time to extract packets by saving indexing information
  • Portable and Distributed models: For 1G/10G/25G/40G/100G