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Orders Received by TOYO Corporation Doubled In 2021 In Packet Capture Appliance Business Outside Japan

Launched Overseas Sales Promotion Project For “SYNESIS,”

aiming for annual sales of JPY 300 million in three years


Tokyo, Japan, Jan 26, 2022 -TOYO Corporation , a leading test and measurement company, today announced that orders for 2021 increased by 100% from the previous year for overseas business of packet capture appliance “SYNESIS.”



With the spread of telework due to COVID-19 and the commercialization of 5G-based technologies, networks are rapidly becoming more complex. The importance of networks as social infrastructure is also increasing. Consequently, a high-quality network has become a big challenge for various industries, including telecommunications, finance and the public sector.


TOYO’s SYNESIS can keep up with the fastest of networks without any packet loss. SYNESIS is used for network trouble shooting and to keep the network stable. Its unique features include the ability to capture up to 200 Gbps full line rate without incurring any packet loss, a portable form factor that helps to capture at multiple points, and patented technology.  They enabled TOYO Corporation to conduct more projects outside Japan in 2021 than in  the previous year. SYNESIS is now being promoted in 17 countries and regions around the world.


As a result, orders for SYNESIS in 2021 increased significantly outside Japan, by 100% from the previous year. In October 2021, TOYO Corporation launched an overseas sales promotion project to accelerate overseas business for “SYNESIS,” aiming for annual sales of JPY 300 million yen in three years.