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【Product Info】SYNESIS® 200G Model Now Available with 1U Rack-mount chassis

~High-Performance, Compact, and Redundant High-Reliability Model~

SYNESIS 200Gbps Model 1U Distributed


The highest-end model of SYNESIS, capable of capturing high-speed and large-capacity 200Gbps, now has a new 1U rack-mount model added to the lineup.
This model supports major Ethernet standards of 1G/10G/25G/40G/100GbE with a single device.
As a capture device for 100G Ethernet, in addition to the portable type, a distributed model can now be selected.

This product won a Special Prize for “Best of Show Award” at “Interop Tokyo 2024,” which will be held at Makuhari Messe from June 12, 2024.
We will introduce this product at the TOYO Corporation booth.


◆ A Special Prize at “Interop Tokyo 2024”

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SYNESIS Distributed 200G High Performance Model
Official Site (Winners):

Note: This product, which had been selected as “Best of Show Award Finalist”, won a Special Prize.
In response to the award, the information on this page has been changed from “Selected as Best of Show Award Finalist” to “Won a Special Prize.” (Jun 12, 2024)



■ Compact Design

A compact high-performance model that fits easily into a 19-inch rack space.

■ Capture Without Packet Loss

Utilizes patented technology developed by TOYO Corporation.
Capable of continuously capturing 100% of traffic at high-speed 200Gbps, regardless of packet length.

■ High-Speed Packet Extraction

Index information is saved simultaneously during disk writing of packet data, allowing for rapid extraction and analysis of necessary data from accumulated packet information.

■ Accurate Timestamp Recording

Packets are recorded with very high resolution timestamp of down to 1 nanosecond.
Enables accurate analysis of transmission quality, including delays and jitter, even for high-speed 200Gbps traffic.

■ Packet Replayer

Captured fault data in the commercial environments can be replayed in the test environments based on precise timestamps of the packet, enabling rapid fault analysis and detection of intermittent issues.



The 200G 1U rack-mount model supports capturing two 100GbE full-duplex lines at full rate (200Gbps) with a single device. Connection examples are as follows:

■ Inline TAP Connection


Capable of capturing 100Gbps upstream and 100Gbps downstream of a 100GbE line at full rate (200Gbps) with a single device.

■ SPAN Connection


Capable of capturing two separate 100GbE lines at full rate (200Gbps) from the SPANs with a single device.


【Product Specifications】

The specifications of the SYNESIS 200G 1U distributed are as follows:

Item Specification*
Capture Performance 200Gbps
Storage Capacity 120TB*
Resolution 1 Nanosecond
Redundancy RAID5
Redundant Power Supply
Monitor Ports 100GbE QSFP28
2 Ports

*Specifications as of June 2024, subject to change in the future.