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【SYNESIS Product Info】V8.0 Version Up Package Release

We’re glad to announce that V8.0 Version Up Package is  ready to deliver for  SYNESIS user with software warranty expecting to upgrade.


※2 Additional Information as of July 13, 2023

This version (V8.0.1) is found that the order of packets in the saved trace file may not be partially arranged in timestamp order.

New  V8.0.3 was released on August 1,2023.


※2 Additional Information as of September 19, 2023

New version V8.0.4 that fixes an issue had been released. This update contains the improvement to fix following issue.


■Release content
Fixed an issue in which file creation did not finish when attempting to create a trace file with packets received from 4 or more channels.


■The users impacted by this issue
The users who meet all of the following conditions. If you are, please obtain the fixed patch from your distributor.
(i) The SYNESIS version is from V8.0.1 to V8.0.3.
(ii) You have a possibility to capture traffic by 4 or more channels and save them into trace file.
(iii) The SYNESIS BASE model is one of the followings.

SYX-D-CB-2G-1/ SYX-D-HCB-8G-1/ SYX-D-CB-10G-2/ SYX-D-HPB-20G-2/ SYC-10G-R-EQV/ SYX-P-CB-2G-3


For more details, please contact your sales or



● Channel Groupfeature enables to combine two channels as a single channel group, one that receives inbound traffic and one that receives outbound traffic


● Payload slicingfeature enables to slice the end of the L4 header.


● The Number of passed packetsare shown in capture session statistics as  “Passed” packets which excludes packets removed by packet deduplication or hardware filter functions.


● Enhancement of decode feature enables to assign Ether type, IP protocol, and L4 port number to various protocols, and to decrypt and display the payload of ESP and TLS encrypted packets.


● Renewed MIB configuration for SNMP Trap enables to change different OID for each notification content. Current MIB configuration can be also selected.


Please also refer to following page:



Kindly please provide the type of SYNESIS and S/N if you have questions to SYNESIS TAC support (