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Introduction of SYNESIS

SYNESIS Ver4.0 Release Information

We’re happy to annouce that TOYO Corporation will launch new SYNESIS ver 4.0 on Mar  4, 2019.



MFA(Multi Flow Analysis – Multi-segment and Multi-tier)

MFA provides a visibility by displaying ladder diagram of  connection view end-to-end, to see how transactions propagate.


・AA(Advanced Application Analysis) ※

Health check of application server  performance and relationship between application servers in post analysis ,with dynamic GUI.


Packet Capture

・Tunnel Filter : Feature in hardware filter that can filter encapsulated packets.
Flow filter and IP flow filter can be applied to the Inner header (IP, TCP, UDP) of the encapsulated packet.

・Tunnel Packet Analysis : In APM, NPM, L2, L3 analysis, possible to choose outer or inner for IP address / port number to be analyzed.



・External Authentication Support (RADIUS)

・SSL/TLS Support


・Usability Improvement


※Preview version, limited model (10G-R/20G-HPR/40G-HPR) only


 Please contact to your SYNESIS partner or to for more details or demo request!