Introduction of SYNESIS

PacketReplayer is now available both for SYNESIS Distributed and SYNESIS Portable

PacketReplayer is now available both for SYNESIS Distributed and SYNESIS Portable


PacketReplayer enables you to replay the captured data in test environments for verification. You can replicate network failures in your test environments to analyze and identify the causes.


With increasing the traffic ,connected devices, and network complexity, maintenance and recovery of network impose heavy task on network administrator. To save the process for maintenance, new replay solution is now used; this solution is sending the data to labo network , analyzing the root cause ,finding countemesure and improving the real living network finally.


PacketReplayer enable to replay the real traffic instead of pseud, based on exact timestamp with exact timing when it is captured by the order of micro second. Also“PacketReplayer” enable to replay any times as designated or unlimited, it leads to find the trouble itself especially intermittent outage which was difficult to find out. Now Synesis offers 100G capture and 100G replay with new“PacketReplayer” , not only 1G/10G/40G.


【 Synesis 】

Synesis is high performance network recorder and analytic appliance for 1G/10G/100G Ethernet interfaces with sustained rates of up to 100Gbps.

✔ Capture without loss

Capture and directly stream to storage high volume traffic without incurring any packet loss.

✔ High speed extraction

Reduce the time to extract the target packet by saving an indexing information such as the IP address and ports concurrently during packet capture.

✔ 17 Synesis on display

Total 17 models for your solution, Portable model and Distributed model for 1G/10G/40G/100G





PacketReplayer is an optional feature of Synesis which is able to replay the data captured by Synesis from commercial network.


  • ●Replay the real, commercial data

Possible to find out even the new threat which is not possible with pseud by replaying the real data.

  • ●Replay by the order of micro-second

Replay the exact data based on exact timestamp

  • ●Set the number of replay

Possible to replay at your designated number of replay including unlimited, it leads to find out intermittent issue which is difficult to be found.