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Introduction of SYNESIS

SYNESIS New ver5.0 Release


We’re glad to announce our new ve5.0 release, please download Release Note for more details.


⚫ 200Gbps capture support   (Live Demo video/ENG)  (Live Demo video/Chinese/中文
⚫ Applicable multi interface100/40/25/10GbE(SYx-100G-HPP2)
⚫ Deduplication
⚫ MFA(Multi Flow Analysis)   Packet loss analysis, Fragment packets are analyzable, The ladder can be saved as an image file.

⚫One stop upgrade feature

SYNESIS had needed a process to upgrade one major release version to another (ex V3.0 toV4.0, users need to upgrade from V3.0 ->V3.5 ->V4.0). With this feature, users with V3.5/4.0/4.5 can upgrade to V5.0 directly. (Aug 20, 2020)



Please also find out our new whitepaper on new 5G era, how carriers and serviceproviders manage their network of this new technology?

Network-Management-Challenges-in-the-5G-Era-White-Paper (ENG)

Network-Management-Challenges-in-the-5G-Era-White-Paper (Chinese/中文)


For more details , please contact to