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TOYO Corporation Granted US Patent For Data Recording Technology On Packet Capture System

Data recording apparatus and method” patent covers high-speed network data capture without data loss enabling big data analytics and network forensics


TOYO Corporation, the leading test and measurement company, today announced that an intellectual patent for the data recording technology used in their packet capture system, SYNESIS, has been registered in the United States followed by registration in Japan on September 2018. Titled “Data recording apparatus and method,” the patent invention number is US 10,585,622.

The technology described in the patent pertains to the world’s first packet capture system released in 2015 that captures 100G Ethernet at full line rate and was engineered by TOYO Corporation. This allows TOYO Corporation to advance their global strategy in network forensics.


TOYO’s SYNESIS can keep up with the fastest of networks without having to rely on expensive and often times unreliable access equipment. This is achieved through two unique patented technologies for parallel write processing and load balancing algorithms that efficiently distribute and optimize data movement across the same storage array.


“These technologies enable SYNESIS to perform long term capture even at 100Gbps full line rate without incurring any packet loss. No other packet capture system on the marketplace can achieve this level of performance.” Said Yoshiyuki Saitoh, President of SYNESIS Business Unit. ”As a leading innovator of network forensic solution, we look forward to continue working with our partners to contribute to better network visibility.”


<SYNESIS Key Advantages>
SYNESIS is a high-performance capture and analysis system for 1G/10G/40G/100G Ethernet interfaces with sustained rates of up to 100Gbps.
• Capture without loss: Capture and directly stream high volume traffic to storage without any packet loss
• High speed extraction: Reduce the time to extract packets by saving indexing information
• Portable and Distributed models: For 1G/10G/40G/100G


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TOYO Corporation Issued Patent For Data Recording Technology On Packet Capture System ( Sep 04, 2018)