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Garland Technology Fuels TOYO Corp To Enable 5G Packet Capture Solution

New Portable Design in Next-Gen Mobile and 5G Networks to Reduce Network Downtime and Ensure Network Quality


TOKYO, March 27, 2020  –  Garland Technology, a leading provider of network test access point (TAP), packet broker, and cloud visibility, announced an exclusive portable packet capture solution with TOYO Corporation, a leading test and measurement company. The cutting-edge integration of the SYNESIS Portable 25GbE and Garland Technology’s BiDi Passive Fiber Network TAP is the first in the world to provide data capture in unique environments, including the support of 5G and cellular networks standards.


“The simple and seamless architecture offers engineers complete packet visibility where they may face different GbE interfaces and rates through critical connection points,” says Chris Bihary, CEO & Founder of Garland Technology. “In this novel design, we confront the complex issues associated with downtime and degraded user experience. Garland Technology and TOYO Corporation equip engineers with the tools and knowledge to troubleshoot network issues, particularly during the initial 5G rollout and post-deployment.”


Driving packet-level traffic from the BiDi Passive Fiber Network TAP to the SYNESIS Portable 25GbE, the plug-and-play installation offers multi-capture ability at various ethernet speeds up to 200GbE. The unique portable solution enables rapid deployment in the field, streamlining toolsets and maintaining a myriad of packet capture in 5G and cellular network environments. The solution continuously captures data traffic with complete fidelity, recording every packet to help identify and resolve network issues quickly and accurately.


“With the long-standing, strong partnership of Garland and TOYO Corporation, leading companies can continue to manage and ensure higher quality connections in 5G environments,” said Tatsushi Nakamura, Senior Sales Manager US/EMEA at TOYO Corporation. “Together, the full solution gives customers confidence by eliminating the imminent risk of network downtime and catastrophic financial and reputational damage for 5G carriers and service providers.”


Garland Technology and TOYO Corporation have been working together since 2015. TOYO Corporation, which has been successfully reselling Garland Technology’s portfolio, combined with matching SYNESIS models worldwide, established this technology partnership as a best-of-class network visibility solution.


About Garland Technology



Garland Technology is an industry leader delivering network products and solutions for enterprise, service providers, and government agencies worldwide. Since 2011, Garland Technology has developed the industry’s most reliable test access points (TAPs) and network packet brokers (NPB), enabling data centers to address IT challenges and gain complete network visibility. Garland Technology ensures complete 360° network visibility by delivering a full platform of network access products including Breakout TAPs, Aggregator and Regeneration TAPs, Advanced All-In-1 Filtering TAPs, Inline Edge Security Bypass TAPs, Cloud solutions, as well as purpose-built Network Packet Brokers. For help identifying the right NPB solution for projects large and small, or to learn more about the inventor of the first bypass TAP, visit or @GarlandTech.