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Packet Capture Solution
Network Monitoring Solution


Multi-track 4K/8K Video Recording


NHK Technologies,Inc.



SYNESIS Portable



Recording 4K/8K video & audio signals from multiple cameras into a consolidated one.

1.Replaying all recorded 4K/8K video & audio streams.


●Challenge (Figure 1)

・At the recording site, data taken by a single camera is stored on a single recorder, but in order to accommodate various types of cameras and their SDI*, the camera and recorder may be connected with multiple cables.

※SDI(Serial Digital Interface) is digital video interface used for broadcast-grade video.


・Recorder which is able to apply various type of camera on-site.

・Recorder which is able to store large amount of data which is taken by 4K/8K camera.

・Recoder which is able to replay all the recorded 4K/8K signals.


(Figure 1)



NHK technologies had developed a multi-track recording system which consists of ST2110 IP converter and SYNESIS, This system enable to apply various SDI, as well we recording and replaying the data.


【Recording process】
IP converter changes SDI video and audio data to IP packet which applies to  ST2110 standard. After conversion, SYNESIS captures IP packets.



【Replay process】
SYNESIS replays IP packets and send the data to IP converter.

IP converter changes IP packets to SDI data which applies to AV system.



●SYNESIS point

・4K/8K sound data can be stored as IP packets in a large-capacity data storage.

・Unique packet replay function can be used to send recorded traffic to the network. Extraction of specific tracks and editing of MAC address/IP address changing are possible.

・Portable form factor enables to quick and cost effective solution.