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Packet Capture Solution
Network Monitoring Solution


Quality measurement of video streaming


Service Provider (R&D)



SYNESIS Rackmount



This service provider wants to measure the communication quality of video streaming in their network which connects two different points to provide stable quality.



・Capturing traffic at two different points without any packet loss to accurately measure KPIs for communication quality, such as latency, packet loss, jitter, etc.。

・Synchronize packet capture tools installed at 2 locations to capture with the same timestamp.

The quality indicators of that 2 data captured by 2 tools should also be compared and analyzed.



・2 SYNESIS at 2 points (server side and client side) capture video streaming traffic at the same time.

・2 SYNESIS units are synchronized to the same single GPS satellite using their respective built-in GPS receivers.

・Compare quality metrics of packet data captured by each SYNESIS to see if quality degradation is occurring.


●SYNESIS point(Figure 2)

Support external time synchronization sources GPS/PPS, PTP, NTP

Multiple synchronized SYNESIS can be remotely operated from a web browser.

Trace file comparison and QoS (packet loss, jitter) analysis with Wireshark can be operated.




●Comparison of traffic captured by SYNESIS(Figure 3)(Figure 4)


(Figure 3) Delay analysis. By comparing the data, we can see that packet loss is occurring on the client side, SYNESIS2.


(Figure 4 RTP stream analysis using Wireshark for packet loss and jitter)