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Packet Capture Solution
Network Monitoring Solution


VoIP Call analysis & troubleshooting


(Figure 1:Deploy SYNESIS units at all regional NOCs to record all calls, SIP signaling and RTP streams)



Service Provider



SYNESIS Portable



When migrating from traditional Public Switched Telephone Networks (PSTN) to an IP-based network, this service provider wants to visualize the network to maintain call quality during the transition.



・Current tools have difficulty storing large amounts of data from VoIP calls *over long periods of time.

(*Call that utilize technologies that enable voice calls over IP networks, such as Internet networks and IP-VPN networks)

・VoIP failures are often intermittent, requiring continuous recording of all calls in case of failures.

・A system is needed to quickly extract the relevant traffic in order to solve the problem quickly.



Deploy SYNESIS units at all regional NOCs to record all calls, SIP signaling and RTP streams (Figure 1)


Support engineers at NOC triggers a complaint from users, remotely accesses SYNESIS in that region, and begins troubleshooting.

Based on the customer’s phone number, support engineers extract the packet data of the relevant calls and analyze its calls to determine root cause.



● SYNESIS point (Figure 2)

Large data storage capacity allows to store large amount of packet for long periods of time.

Remote access to SYNESIS is available via IP network.

VoIP filters based on phone numbers can be used to extract the data of specific users.


(Figure 2)