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【Thank you】Network Management Seminar in Tokyo (Dec 3, 2019)

We welcomed more than 50 networking professionals  to learn about the challenges of modern-day network management and how to tackle them. Here are some comments from attendees, thank you very much for your joining!


Keynote「The Key To Security Is Data Sharing」( Professor emeritus at Waseda University/Mr.Shigeki Goto)

“Learn from failure”  can be said to anything as well as security.

・Very interesting to know the network history which is not written in the book.


Use Case「Network management system required for electronic medical record system

( Nagoya Ekisaikai Hospital Information management center Mr. Keisuke Miyamoto)

・Network management with small team is the issue which we are facing now. Very helpful session.

・Network management in hospital is very critical. To know about how they manage the system was very interesting and helpful information.



Every session was great , though It is a pity to miss the first session..

(Please join us next time!)


<Left :Yoshiyuki Saito /TOYO Corporation, Right:Mr.Shigeki Goto /Waseda University >