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Packet Capture Solution
Network Monitoring Solution


【SYNESIS Product Info】Release Information

【SYNESIS Release Information List】
Version Date Title Release
1 V8.5.1 Dec. 25, 2023 【SYNESIS Product Info】SYNESIS v8.5.1 Release announcement v8-5-1_EN_ReleaseNotes.pdf
2 V8.0 May. 31, 2023 【SYNESIS Product Info】V8.0 Version Up Package Release v8-0-4_EN_ReleaseNotes.pdf
3 V7.5 Nov. 11, 2022 【SYNESIS Product Info】V7.5 Version Up Package Release v7-5-3_EN_ReleaseNotes.pdf
4 V7.0 Feb. 16, 2022 【SYNESIS Product Info】Ver7.0 Version Up Package Release v7-0-6_EN_ReleaseNotes.pdf
5 V6.0 Aug. 03, 2021 【SYNESIS Product Info】Ver6.0 Version Up Package Release v6-0-17_EN_ReleaseNotes.pdf
6 V5.0 Aug. 24, 2020 【SYNESIS Product Info】Additonal Feature for the latest SYNESIS Ver5.0
7 V5.0 May. 29, 2020 【SYNESIS Product Info】SYNESIS Ver5.0 release information SYNESIS_ReleaseNote_v5.0_EN_R2.pdf
8 V4.0 Jan. 09, 2019 SYNESIS Ver4.0 release information SYNESIS_v4.0_p2_release_notes_EN.pdf

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