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Packet Capture Solution
Network Monitoring Solution


【SYNESIS Product Info】Ver6.0 Version Up Package Release

We’re glad to announce that Ver6.0 Version Up Package is  ready to deliver for all customer who expect to upgrade their SYNESIS with software warranty .




SYNESIS FS automates trace file extraction to external storage for third-party analysis. SYNESIS FS allows to save the time by skipping the conversion process from raw data in SYNESIS to pcap files.


・RESTful API 2.0 Release


・Capture record extraction allows to divide the capture record and analyze the extracted data.


・Channel assignment enables to assign valid channel to capture.


・Microburst alert notification by Syslog, SNMP Trap, E-mail


・VoIP Filter Enhancement is now applicable to fragmented SIP, ENUM/DNS and Diameter packet filter.


・New Management Console enables to set the network environment (ex. IP address setting) on GUI.


・Portable disk management function Portable model is now provided with

1)Function to detect disk failure.

2)Function to browse SMART information of SSD.


Enhancement of PacketReplayer® 100G model