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Packet Capture Solution
Network Monitoring Solution


【Product Info】SYNESIS New Model Information


Recently our world is rapidly moving from 1G to 10G.

Network related  changes –such as increase of number of device or upcoming of next technology”5G”  bring us quick, convenient  and wide access to the world, but with complexity of network maintenace and visualization.

Our new SYNESIS  10G model offers you the perfect solution to visualize your 10G network with patented  loss less packet capture technology.Please check the detalled spec from below link



SYNESIS Portable   SYU-10G-EP (10G/2ports)

Capture Performance 10Gbps

Capture Port 10G SFP+/1G SFPx2

Packet Store size  3.6TB


SYNESIS Distributed  SYU-10G-R2 (10G/4ports)

Capture Performance 10Gbps

Capture Port 10G SFP+/1G SFPx4

Packet Store size  19.5TB


Please contact to for further information.