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TOYO Corporation’s 200Gbps High-Speed Network Capture Appliance Selected by Leading Mobile Network Carrier in Japan

SYNESIS Delivers Complete Visibility for Next Generation 200G Ethernet Networks


Tokyo, Japan, Dec 5, 2019 / TOYO Corporation, the leading test and measurement company, today announces that a leading mobile network carrier has selected SYNESIS Portable 200Gbps to provide them with better network visibility and to support them with their troubleshooting work.


With the upcoming arrival of 5G cellular networks, mobile network carriers will need to offer and deliver faster speed network service with a bandwidth of 200Gbps (Uplink 100Gbps/Downlink 100Gbps).


TOYO Corporation’s SYNESIS is the first packet capture appliance in the world that is able to capture 200Gbps without any packet loss.  Having a solution that can capture all 200Gbps traffic without any packet loss is critically important in maintaining a high speed and robust network.  Once network issues happen, the carrier needs to resolve the problem as soon as possible in order to provide a high-quality service and more importantly to meet service level agreements with customers. Even missing a single packet can prevent the solving of network problem which may lead to a serious and lengthy downtime, and unhappy customers.


Hence, it is highly important to capture 100% of all network packets with full fidelity. With complete packet data, it becomes possible to investigate the issues plaguing the network, to get to root-cause and to resolve the issues.


“Customers always need to provide excellent service at any network speed.  TOYO’s SYNESIS capture appliance is a powerful tool that is able to record every single packet without any loss on 200G networks, and thus customers are able to fix the issue quickly and accurately.” said Tatsushi Nakamura, Senior Sales Manager US/EMEA at TOYO Corporation.


TOYO has four years of experience in engineering 100G packet capture appliances and over 30 years of experience in supplying high speed-capture and network management solutions. With many years of experience exceeding customer requirements in the Telecom, Financial, and Government industries throughout Asia, TOYO continues to expand further by supplying 200G capture appliances for use in security and  increasing adoption in North America and European markets.


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