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Packet Capture Solution
Network Monitoring Solution


【SYNESIS EoS/EoL Info】 EoS/EoL Product List Sep 28th , 2018

Model SYU-10G-R
End of Sales (EoS) 28 Mar, 2019
End of Support
(EoL/End of Product Life)
28 Mar, 2024
Succesor model SYU-10G-R2



Current End Of Sales (EoS) and End Of Support(EoL) product  are as below

Product Announce EoS EoL
1 SYC/SYU-30G-R 2017/9/29 2017/12/31 2022/12/31
2 SYC/SYU-10G-R 2018/9/28 2019/3/28 2024/3/28




○EoS(End Of Sales)

The last date to order to TOYO Corporation.As a general, SYNESIS provides 3months notification before End Of Sales. This information is announced in TOYO Corporation’s partner page and this SYNESIS website.

○EoL(End Of Life)

The date of support end.

For more detailed information, please contact to your sales partner or