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TOYO Corporation Announces Grant Of Patent in China for Data Recording Apparatus and Method

Data recording apparatus and method patent covers 200Gbps network data capture

without data loss to improve network visibility


TOYO Corporation (TOKYO:8151), the leading test and measurement company, announced that an intellectual patent for the data recording technology used in their packet capture system, SYNESIS, has been granted in China followed by registration in Japan in September 2021 and 2022 . The patent invention number is ZL 202080099956.5. The technology escribed in the patent pertains to the world’s first packet capture system that captures 200Gbps traffic in 2019.


5G service in China is increasingly being used for commercial services, 1 billion devices are expected to be connected to 5G by 2025(The Mobile Economy China 2023 (2023)


As networks become faster and more complex, the demand for dedicated packet capture equipment is expected to increase for efficient network management.

TOYO Corporation’s SYNESIS is the industry leading packet capture appliance which is able to capture and to store even 200Gbps traffic into SSD without any packet loss. This is achieved through patented technology that efficiently distribute and optimize data writing across the same storage array.




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