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TOYO Corporation Unveils Hardware-Accelerated Cybersecurity Solution

Powered by Artificial Intelligence, SYNESIS AURORA Eases Smart Extraction of Massive Network Data and Anomaly Detection



Tokyo, Japan, Feb 25, 2020 – TOYO Corporation, the leading test and measurement company, today announced SYNESIS AURORA, an Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered platform that’s purpose-built to recognize network anomalies that may otherwise be difficult to detect.  The platform is hardware-accelerated and engineered from the bottom-up with advanced hashing and anomaly detection analytics.

Out of the box, SYNESIS AURORA can capture, process, record and analyze over 20 billion bytes of information per second.  AURORA detects and identifies anomalies even in the most complex network environments providing engineers with the insight and visibility they require to proactively protect their networks.  This week, TOYO Corporation will be showcasing SYNESIS AURORA at RSA 2020 on February 24-28 in San Francisco.


Increasing data rates, evolving standards, virtualization and Software Defined Networking (SDN) have resulted in complex network environments.  More than ever, engineers today are confronted with large volumes of traffic rushing in and out of the networks they manage.  These network management professionals are keenly aware that it is not humanly possible to “see” today’s networks without advanced tools.  And a security breach can occur at any time putting not only the network at risk but also the entire business.


Conventional security appliances are optimized for real-time analysis and typically have limited storage capabilities.  This storage limitation prevents them from utilizing machine learning and AI strategies in their product design.  In contrast, SYNESIS AURORA is based on a platform not encumbered by limited storage so it does not face the same product design restrictions.


SYNESIS AURORA is the latest member of the TOYO SYNESIS family of network solutions.  AURORA supports high-speed data transfer and facilitates anomaly detection and analysis through the power of AI technology.  The hallmark of all SYNESIS solutions is the ability to capture and record network data with complete fidelity.  SYNESIS AURORA provides deep and broad visibility to enable engineers to monitor network behavior, to detect network anomalies and to protect their networks.


[Product Highlights]


  • Intelligent data transfer that captures network traffic and directly streams it to storage without incurring any loss of data
  • Advanced hashing analytics streamlines network data packet analysis, typically a time consuming process
  • Complete forensic system that delivers all the required tools in a single solution


SYNESIS AURORA will ship in early 2021 in a limited version.  TOYO Corporation will offer certain customers early access to the product.  If interested, please contact TOYO for further information.


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